Buying Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Buy InsuranceAnswers to some of the most common questions we hear from people looking to buy insurance for themselves or for their businesses.

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General Questions

What is a Current Carrier Bill of Health Insurance?

The Carrier Bill is your monthly Health Insurance Statement. It lists who is covered, the policy type, the renewal date, and the price you are currently paying.

What is a Property & Casualty Declaration Page?

The Declaration Page is the Property & Casualty policy benefits that list the insured name, the location, the type of coverage and the cost of coverage.

What is a Current Renewal Proposal?

A Current Renewal Proposal is a package of rates and coverage options available when your policy is up for renewal. This is important to compare what you are currently paying when we put together a spreadsheet for your review of your other options.

What is a Current Benefit Summary?

A Current Benefit Summary is all of your benefits that you are covered by currently, from your health plan.

What is Umbrella Liability Insurance?

Umbrella Liability Insurance is a policy that provides additional coverage above your underlying liability policies, such as auto, office, home. Additional coverage is important to protect your assets from legal liability.

Business and Group Insurance

How do you start a group health plan?

You start by providing a census of your staff who are eligible for coverage. Discuss with us who meets eligibility requirements. We will discuss what types of plans are available for your employee-sized group. If you are currently covered by a group plan, then a copy of the employee census, your current insurance bill and benefits summary is needed to provide a spreadsheet of options.

What tax documentation do you need to prove that your employees work for you to buy group health insurance?

To prove that your employees work for you, you need to provide WR30, 941 tax forms.

What are the types of questions you would need to answer for a business owner’s liability policy (BOP)?

To obtain a business owner’s liability policy (BOP), you need to provide square footage, property inventory value, business type, current declaration page, claim history, company tax ID number, and a link to your company web site.

Life Insurance

What is involved in buying life insurance?

We will provide you with a spreadsheet of available life insurance companies, benefit amounts and pricing options for your consideration. When you decide to apply for a life insurance policy, you must complete an application and have a medical exam including a blood test for the policy that you select. additional underwriting will be done by the insurance carrier.

What do you look for to figure out how much life insurance to buy?

The answer is a personal one. Factors for consideration include replacement of your income lost by your demise, mortgage protection, family needs, projected college tuition, estate taxes to be paid and burial expenses.

Individual Health / Home / Auto

How do I buy an Individual Health Plan in New Jersey?

lf your age is between 18 and 65, and you are a resident in New Jersey, and you are not eligible for a group insurance plan, and/or MediCare/MediCaid, then you are probably eligible for individual health insurance. Please visit our health insurance portal to compare plans and get a free instant, online quote!

What do you need for a Home Owner’s Policy quote?

You need a copy of your driver’s license, and/or a copy of your previous declaration page. Also, include a list of any loss-claims that you have had in the last five years. You might get a discount if you quote-out your Auto Insurance at the same time.

Does a Home Owner’s Policy cover the sewer backup?

Most newer policies cover sewer backup.

What do you need for an auto policy quote?

You need a copy of your driver’s license, and/or a copy of your previous declaration page. Also, include a list of any accidents that you have had in the last three years. You might get a discount if you quote-out your Home Owner’s Insurance at the same time.

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